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Math&Maroc is an association founded by young Moroccan polytechnicians whose objective is to promote mathematics in Morocco. Our main action consists in preparing brilliant Moroccan students to represent our country in international mathematics competitions. For this, we help the Ministry of Education in this heavy task by sending supervisors during preparation courses. We also want to combine this punctual preparation with a long term follow-up through e-learning. This learning will take place on a platform on which students will have to follow regular courses and send monthly exercises. We also publish a monthly magazine specialized in mathematics olympiads. This new experience in Morocco is based on the dedication of several Moroccans from French Grandes Ecoles or having participated in the International Olympiads.


the president speech


    Math&Morocco is the association that was missing from the educational landscape on a national scale: This is confirmed by the success it has had since its inception, and by the influx of positive reactions that it regularly receives in the field and in the social networks. The association is formed by young Moroccan talents who will certainly be great executives in the near future. They have a significant scientific background proven by their success in the most selective competitions and competitions, and are driven by the desire to share their knowledge with the youngest and the general public. In addition, they master the digital tool and have taken advantage of it to reach, in the space of just a few years, a large audience that follows the work of the association with attention. In addition, the participation of Math&Morocco in international competitions and its power to attract foreign trainers even allow it to have visibility on the world stage.


Our main actions


    Olympic training

    For several years, Math&Maroc has been working in close collaboration with the Ministry of National Education with the aim of training Moroccan athletes taking part in major international competitions, in particular the IMO (International Olympiads).

    Covid initiative

    Following the Covid-19 pandemic, Math&Maroc has made a commitment to high school students to ensure the continuity of distance learning. The association has thus carried out several digital courses in mathematics for high school science classes. The map on the right shows the distribution of the beneficiaries of the initiative throughout Morocco.



    Math&Morocco newspaper

    Math&Morocco publishes a multi-annual edition of its journal, which is offered in free access to everyone. Said journal brings together several sections of popularization, exercises and portraits to convey to all profiles the beauty and nobility of science in general and mathematics in particular.


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